In college, my area of focus during my economics degree was non-market environments, which encompass the areas of economics where money isn’t used for moral or practical reasons.

A presentation I’m particularly proud of is a presentation on David Gale and Lloyd Shapley’s 1962 paper College Admissions and the Stability of Marriage

This presentation happened at a personally odd time during a globally odd year, and - due to the practical limitation of only having my iPad available while I was in-patient at the University of Utah - was the first time I started using doodles in the vast majority of my presentations.

There are a few things that were cut for the presentation for time - in particular, the incredibly interesting concept of matchmaking lattices. Eventually, I’d like to include some additional written resources here on the topic, because it’s pretty cool. One of the cut slides is available here.

The absolutely incredible Dr. Allison Stashko is the only reason this presentation was possible - she was incredibly kind and encouraging during a difficult period, and is in large part the reason why non-market environments are my primary interest in economics.