I recently had a misadventure while trying to slabtop (remove the LCD panel of a laptop to use it as a server) an old Dell Alienware G2 15. I didn’t see this piece of friendly advice while Googling around before making my attempt. I really wish I had - it would’ve saved me a lot of time, trouble, and a motherboard to boot (pun intended).

To contribute to the body of all knowledge, I hope you (you, the person googling “how to slabtop a laptop” right now) see this before you whip out the screwdriver and go to town on your old burner:

Search “<YOUR LAPTOP MODEL> LCD Panel POST Check Beeps” before you attempt to slabtop your laptop!!

Computers run without screens all the time - we call them servers, and they run everything, so the possibility of a laptop manufacturer literally not letting a computer complete POST check without an LCD panel wasn’t even something that crossed my mind. However, if you google the above, you’ll run into lots of posts of people who hear a handful of beeps when their LCD display is disconnected, signifying that the POST process didn’t complete. This will absolutely fuck you over if your laptop manufacturer is one of the many who have this check in place.

While I believe it is possible to do this on a PC (not a Mac, where slabtopping has been documented extensively), I personally ended up frying the motherboard after about 5 hours of cutting away at the stupid fucking thing. If this helps even a single person, I will be immensely happy.