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Today’s Plan

It’s interesting how “I need a break” is less a logical thought and more of a gut feeling that bubbles up over time. I may want to take a look at doing a pseudo-vacation sometime soon - even just a 3-day something-or-another would be good to put on the books, just to hang a carrot in front of myself.

Today is going to be mainly throwing myself back into app store deployment stuff, and then likely an afternoon of spring cleaning. Fairly straightforward.




  • [I]#task#projects/cgc/cgc-gatsby-template Given that Obsidian is ultimately a web frontend, with themes made in CSS… It wouldn’t be a bad idea to try and use Obsidian’s CSS theme directly to render the website. There’s a possibility to use symlinks to just fetch the css file out of the .obsidian directory and place it where Gatsby expects CSS to live. Food for thought.
    • [i] If this does end up being the case (and I’m hoping it does, since it’d be a very nice way to… not have to worry about CSS myself, to be honest) I’d also like a clean way to shout-out the theme, possibly in the footer.
    • [i] As of right now, this is the AnuPpuccin theme and I love it — the Catppuccin Mocha theme available for Obsidian scared me away with the sheer number of color highlights, so if I could kick some attention over to Anubis that would be nice. Once everything is up, I’ll have to buy her a coffee
  • [I]#task#projects/cgc/cgc-gatsby-template Another facet to take into account is the possibility of “solidifying” dataview queries on the site1.


  • [-]#task#projects/personal/homelab Well — it looks like I vastly overestimated the strength of my hardware for video transcoding via Tdarr.
    • [i] I was hoping that the use of the 970 would be good for bulk transcodes, but it appears the main bottleneck of the system are the memory and CPU.
    • [i] It wasn’t a total waste of time - this is the first time I’ve ever delved into CPU prioritization, and being able to prioritize critical tasks (e.g. cloud storage, DNS) over tertiary background things like transcoding is hardly a bad thing. It definitely alleviates my anxiety over keeping the CPU at high loads for prolonged periods, since I’d be able to know that critical tasks won’t get pushed out of the way and the system will remain relatively stable.
    • [i] That said, on a usage/wear level alone, I’ll have to table transcoding for now. Having the server in my bedroom does give a functional cap on how/when I put the server under heavy loads, as my partner and I are the ones that have to deal with the noise of the cooling fans. I still have the LXC available in case it’s something I want to revisit later.
    • [i] Unfortunately, it appears that, by and large, the only recommendations for “what to use a GPU in a homelab server” for are
      1. Gaming (but more-or-less requires a VM, locking down a whole graphics card)
      2. Transcoding
      3. Machine Learning
    • [i] So… in a way, I’m in exactly the same position I was a month ago, but this time down $130. As much as I like to say that “the price of learning is teaching”, this time the price of learning was a GTX 750TI and a GT 1030. There are officially more graphics cards in my house than people. Whoops ¯\(ツ)
    • [I] However… After looking at TDARR, I saw that there’s at least some ability to use a GPU over a network. I wonder if it would be possible to have a Windows VM that communicates with a GPU-enabled LXC, allowing for a gaming VM that doesn’t put the entire card on lock. Food for thought.

Today’s Report

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  1. https://blacksmithgu.github.io/obsidian-dataview/resources/develop-against-dataview/ - NPM library for Dataview execution