2024-04-14 | 2024-04-16

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Today’s Plan

Alright - I’d like to hit the ground running this week so I can take next week easy, possibly with a long weekend.

As an aside - if this projects system works out, I may want to try retroactively applying these to earlier daily notes.



  • #task#projects/misc Before I leave the office, sending out that highlight note.
  • #task#projects/misc When I take out the bins after work today, I should take a bit of time to de-clutter Karmala while they’re front and center. [completion:: 2024-04-17]
  • #task#projects/misc Laundry party. I’m quickly running out of pants. [completion:: 2024-04-17]
  • #task#projects/misc If I’m feeling real spicy, there’s a couple pairs of pants I need to iron & sew cuffs into.
  • #task#projects/misc I’ve got a dinner to go to this evening as an ✨ esteemed and accomplished alumni 🌈 of the University of Utah — I think there’s some kind of panel going on. i am very excited to impart some sage wisdom on the local youths [completion:: 2024-04-15]


Today’s Report

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Well… I did say that the new tasks workflow would be a good measurement for overestimating how much I can do in a day. That seems to’ve been proven correct - the task plans for the fastlane demo have taken longer than expected. It’s interesting — there’s just a lot cookin’ on automated app deployments that I hadn’t considered. In particular, I’ve noticed how many options there are during app store deployments (both iOS and Android) that are, under normal circumstances, handled by the stores or IDEs themselves — certs, keys, etc. etc. Unfortunately, that luxury doesn’t seem to exist when automating everything yourself.

I am very excited, though, to more tightly integrate seasonal themes into the day-to-day. While I wasn’t writing every day for the past few weeks, I (thankfully, for my own sanity) did keep up a pretty good rhythm — with some notable periods of exception, but hey, it’s all in progress.