2024-04-06 | 2024-04-11

Today’s Plan

Ugh. I’ve gotten so caught up in homelab stuff that this has totally fallen by the wayside. I heard once that it takes 90 days to establish a habit, and it appears I only got…

Eh. 25 days in, depending on how you count it? I’d have to take a look at the actual dates, but it looks like around 2024-03-14 was when it really dropped off. Of all the days to fall off the wagon, Pi Day is the wildest.

I’ll find some way to get this together with a retrospective. There were some on-and-off periods of getting things done in that time — by no means did I get nothing done, but it certainly was not a planned period. There was a lot of homelab work done in that time.

I think I’m going to hit a resting point with all of that, though, which means I can get back to these write-ups — along with some adjacent work — to fill that time instead.

Today’s Report

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