2024-04-02 | 2024-04-04

Today’s Plan

Okay! Another day down - ended a bit early yesterday due to the migraine, but after 14(!!) hours of sleep I’m feeling very ready to do a full, full day.

On the chopping block:


  • Finalize report on some intricacies of Cybersource payment processing
  • Research FastMatrix deployments for mobile applications
  • Begin a proof-of-concept for some deployment strategies I would like to make for other members of an internal team

CGC: I need to get back into the swing of CGC work in earnest. Absent a to-do list — emphasis warranted, as trying to upend my workflows to make room for one is what blew up the last two weeks — I believe my priorities are:

  • chiseling apart an amalgamation of tiny tasks that have been haunting me the last two weeks
  • Attempting to get a passable version of the new Gatsby template for the blog. Last I left off, I was (finally) able to get MD/MDX rendering. Next up is styling, emulating the same general behavior as the original Quartz template.

Today’s Report

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