2024-03-28 | 2024-04-01

Today’s Plan

Alright - cobbling together my rhythm again. For today - most of my team is out either sick, or for the eclipse running through Texas soon (ah, yes — the classic “eclipse day”.) My boss told me to “either take the day off or work on something fun,” so I think I’ll be opting for the “something fun.”

There’s a few side projects that I could pull off the shelf. One of them involves a few things I’ve been wanting to look at; namely:

a) Rapid Prototyping b) C#/TypeScript interactivity c) Encryption & security standards

We’ll see how it goes! I’ve been looking at trying a faster workflow. One thing I’ve noticed (and lamented) about C# is how much fucking boilerplate there tends to be on ASP.NET project. It makes prototyping incredibly slow compared to, say, TypeScript and Python. I’m hoping to get around that for this project and, if all goes well, have a prototype for it by before the end of the day and pop off a bit early for some CGC work I’m disastrously behind on.

Today’s Report

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Whew! Today’s project went great, with a few particular highlights

  • In the process of trying to make this quick & painless, I’ve gotten way more comfortable with setting up Yarn monorepos for multi-language projects - this one in particular was a quick React/TS frontend and ASP.NET backend and… it works great! It does feel a bit odd to make a near-empty project.json and just remap a bunch of native dotnet commands to instead go through yarn, but very exciting

  • I cannot emphasize enough how much heavy lifting Copilot did on the frontend. In general, I know just enough about Typescript and web development to be indisputably bad at it. However, the nice thing is that, in a case where you know core concepts but not notation, Copilot can help bridge the gap.

    The more I work professionally as an engineer, the more I come to accept that being able to read code is likely more important than being able to write it — and in this era, the gap seems to be widening.

  • Okay - I rail on C# for being very boiler-plate-y, but — admittedly — starting with just a bare ASP.NET starter was incredibly refreshing.

Between this and getting GitHub Actions to run, generally, locally on computers — that’s two huge wins for this week. Ending the week on this note is super satisfying. Provided the holiday weekend, I think I’ll be taking both days off this weekend. We’ll pick back up on Monday! 🎉