2024-03-22 | 2024-03-27

Today’s Plan

Yeesh - I really fell off the wagon on these posts. Oops! 😅

This did bring up some pretty noticeable flaws in the way that I work. What happened was:

  1. On 2024-03-17 I started looking at new systems for task management.
  2. This brought me to the Obsidian Task plugin, which is a pretty involved process for task management.
  3. This brought up some wicked formatting issues with the way my current Quartz website works
  4. Because of the lack of customizability I’ve seen with Quartz, I made a call that it didn’t fit my needs and that a Gatsby implementation of Obsidian Sync would be better
  5. This ended up being a weird situation where I started a new local Git branch for the Gatsby transfer, which also threw off a ton of stuff with my Obsidian vaults and knocked my workflow totally out of whack
  6. The rest of the week ended up being a combination of high-workload and low-E-block-motivation, so I didn’t prioritize fixing my workflow until now.

I’m still processing the takeaways from this. I really enjoy doing these daily posts because they provide structure and rhythm to my day and I felt that lack of structure throughout the week. I’d liken a potential solution to “avoiding avalanches”, especially when working on version controlled projects where branches tend to snowball into giant monoliths. I’ll mull it over, but in the meantime I think I’ve salvaged my workflow enough to keep these rolling out in the mean time.

Granite and GitButler have been pitched as potential solutions to this. I’ve been trying Granite recently (on projects other than this one) but am of two minds that I may write about later. GitButler is on my list to try at some point.

Another option is splitting this Obsidian vault into its own repository and using Git Submodules to manage these. We’ll see — I’ve heard horror stories about Submodules but perhaps this is a good use case for them.

Today’s Report

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