2024-03-17 | 2024-03-19

Today’s Plan

  • Morning Block: Morning work session, typically 9am - 12pm
  • Afternoon Block: Afternoon work session - usually the bulk of work. 12pm - 5pm
  • Evening Block: Evening work session for CGC-related work, 5pm - ???

Morning Block

Cloud Testing

In order to catch the spunky, sexy, broad amalgamation of ways that infrastructure can fuck up in The Cloud™, it’ll be nice to have a cloud-based test suite that logs back to monitoring channels

  • PLAN:
    • Wrap tests into Docker Container
    • Local test container/compose running (successfully or not) locally
    • Adapt, adjust environment variable & ASP.NET environment
    • Create image push to cloud via Actions
    • ADD: Required networking changes to VPC
    • ADD: Deploy & test networking changes to VPC
    • Create Terraform infrastructure for new ECS entry
    • Tests running (successfully or not) in cloud

Afternoon Block

Final Discord Webhook Work

With access to the GET REST APIs for Discord, now (through a bot - not thrilled, but w/e), I can do the final steps for deployment logging using Discord Forum channels

  • PLAN:
    • Generate webhook channel
    • Add webhook to internal C# library
    • Create new ILogger sub-interface
    • Create batcher
    • Create sender
    • Inject logic into NUnit ITrace
    • Threads created through NUnit ITrace

Evening Block

Shop Highlight (for real, this time).

This has been backburn’d for way too long. I will send this today, before I do anything else with CGC time.

  • PLAN:
    • Review note last state
    • Finish first draft
    • Edit it (probably with AI. there is a time and a place for binglish, and this is it.)
    • Subject my partner to my shitty writing for proofread.
    • Highlight note sent as attachment & markdown.

Today’s Report

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