2024-03-15 | 2024-03-18

Today’s Plan

  • Morning Block: Morning work session, typically 9am - 12pm
  • Afternoon Block: Afternoon work session - usually the bulk of work. 12pm - 5pm
  • Evening Block: Evening work session for CGC-related work, 5pm - ???

Morning Block


Afternoon Block

Discord Logging

Just to start the work week on a fresh note, I’m going to wrap up the Discord forum logging before anything else today.

  • PLAN:
    1. Test hooks manually onto a forum channel in a test server
    2. Transfer customizations over to a configuration file
    3. Insert the head commit hash for splitting threads by deployment
    • Threaded, batched logs, output to the test server forum channel

Evening Block

Quartz Index Testing

While the current landing page isn’t particularly bad, it isn’t good either. I’d like to do some touch-ups, with inspiration from a couple of examples of quartz that have customized their sites to a greater degree.

  • PLAN:
    1. There’s a particular Quartz site I saw that had a fantastic implementation of a landing page - I’ll need to find that
    2. Review the code for their emitter (provided it’s open-source — fingers crossed 🤞)
    • If feeling spicy, possibly give implementation a try.

Today’s Report

To have the full intended experience, please listen to the Pikmin 2 “Today’s Report” theme while reading

  • UPDATE: The Discord logging has become deceptively difficult. While creating a webhook and sending updates to a Forum channel are pretty easy, a surprising difficulty is getting the snowflake IDs of forum tags to use with the webhook’s applied_tags property of the JSON body. Unlike user, channel, and guild IDs, it doesn’t appear that the snowflake ID for tags are readily available. I think my next attempt for finding those will be looking directly at the webpage source for the discord web app.
  • UPDATE: I think I’m going to be using a tag-based explorer approach1 for this site’s explorer - I’m a huge fan of being able to have a note in multiple places by subject matter rather than using the base file structure of the contents folder. Huge shout-out to whoever CVanmarcke is for publishing their Quartz components for this!!

In a typical act of over-engineering, I wasted a shitload of time today trying to figure out tags for Discord webhooks into forum posts. Ultimately, this is one of those “nice to have”, “oohs and ahhs” features for the relevant project that, ultimately, don’t need to be in there.

I think that, personally, I need to start being better about catching myself getting diverted away from a defined MVP with “wouldn’t it be cool?”-type diversions. I can think of a few things to do about this:

  1. Create well-written, well-scoped MVP documents for projects/milestones, and be better about catching myself wandering. Possibly a candidate for the new projects tag, perhaps?
  2. Find a way to more aggressively remind myself to time-track. Judging by a drop in my tracking coverage (-70% compared to two weeks ago), I need something to keep me on track, there.
    • I do need to give myself a bit of grace, here - a recent lapse in medication left me pretty hobbled the past couple weeks. This week should be better.
  3. Adopt some kind of to-do list system. I talked about this a bit, recently, and I think I just need to kick myself into doing it. I need some better system for breaking milestones into subtasks, and then ranking them by priority/size. Ironically, I’m currently building a system specifically for this kind of thing — but having trouble getting momentum on it because, ironically, I don’t have a well-defined list of things to do. Very chicken-and-the-egg

As for wins today, I will say that the kick-off for an OSS economics research project and introduction/reorg of the tag and explorer systems for the site were wins. I do think that a tag-based explorer system meshes better with my intentions for the Quartz graph system, and is way easier for people to traverse. There is some fuckery afoot with the current way it’s handling tag index pages (only showing subtags, and not base-level tags within the category) but I’m feeling much more confident with Quartz tag emitters, now. That’ll be something on the chopping block, likely this week.

Another win is at least starting on a pre-build process for the site. The first tasks this’ll be responsible for is making sure that every tag being used has a proper index page. Even if it isn’t used, I’d like to be able to organize the /tags file structure automatically, rather than have to tune it by hand. Any opportunity to put up guard rails is a good opportunity.


  1. https://github.com/CVanmarcke/quartz - Quartz plugin for tag-based post exploring