2024-03-14 | 2024-03-17

Today’s Plan

  • Morning Block: Morning work session, typically 9am - 12pm
  • Afternoon Block: Afternoon work session - usually the bulk of work. 12pm - 5pm
  • Evening Block: Evening work session for CGC-related work, 5pm - ???

Morning Block

NUnit Discord Logger

  • PLAN:
    • Create ASP.NET general service to collect & batch logs
    • Create ITrace for use in NUnit tests
    • Implement on test server webhook - once confirmed, move over to core server
    • A message (locally) posted from NUnit to Discord
    • Stretch goal is a webhook configuration able to create a new thread in a Forum channel1

Afternoon Block

Backstage Local Run

As dayjob work starts shuffling up a bit more, I want to elbow for a bit of room to keep working on Backstage plugins. To do that, I need to get my local Backstage build back up-and-running - and probably updated as well, since god knows how long it has been since I got that running 😬

  • PLAN:
    1. Redownload Backstage as a fresh repo
    2. Possible minor configuration - I’ll likely test this on the CGC GitHub repository so I have the admin access needed to generate keys & pull information
    3. Taking a closer (more organized) look at the run scopes in the repo
    1. Docker Compose-able Backstage running locally for plugin development. hype hype hype! 🎉

Shop Excerpt Written

Today may be a dayjob early-release day, in which case I really need to get the Shop Highlight excerpt written & sent.

  • PLAN:
    1. Take a look at the notes I took last week
    2. Jot down draft, run it through something to un-fuck my fucked writing style.
    1. Deliver as formatted email w/ Markdown attachment. God bless Markdown - hopefully this time doesn’t end up like the last guest post I wrote 😬

Evening Block

Eco Server Run

The friends have settled on eco!! I believe I got most of this taken care of last night, but may need to adjust server run parameters. This’ll be the first stress test of the Allytron’s game container, so I don’t totally know what the resource req will look like.

  • PLAN:
    1. Rally the lads!
    2. Monitor specs during run
    3. OPTIONAL: bully my partner into joining us
    1. Fun, enjoyment, social satisfaction, etc. etc.

Today’s Report

To have the full intended experience, please listen to the Pikmin 2 “Today’s Report” theme while reading

  • LUNCH UPDATE: Did some TLC to the layout of the daily notes with Templater2. Added yesterday/tomorrow links to the top of each page (Formatting definitely required - tempted to just handle this in the standard quartz post emitter, now that I know how to do that) and configured the Daily Notes appender in the Raycast Quartz Plugin to append some custom logic for auto-incrementing footnotes. Not perfect, but works a treat.

  • Also did an update for a new layout for per-block tasks in the daily notes. I feel like I’ve been having trouble measuring tasks on a micro-level, and decided to use the same format for dayjob work that I do for contracting work, with a scope, plan, & declared set of deliverables so I can very confidently say that I did (or did not) finish something, and call the shot to stay on track & be intentional with my time.

  • I’m considering setting up a Sunday-specific weekly template, so that I can better plan out my weeks during Sunday CGC work.

  • A-BLOCK EOB UPDATE: Eeeee!! Feeling very behind on things. Overwhelmed and under-motivated.

Likely EOD update — I don’t see myself getting back on my laptop at any point today for reasons — but I gotta hard stop to go take care of Life Business™. Did not get nearly as far as I’d hoped on any of today’s tasks, so today’s work will likely bleed into Sunday’s CGC work and (potentially, if the weather this weekend isn’t good enough to chill outside) Saturday.

I’m 50/50 on whether or not I like the new daily template. While it is better-organized, I don’t totally know if it’s better-organized for me and where I’m at as a person doing things. I’ve been running constantly into an issue of over-estimating how much I can get done in a day. The deliverables are meant to help with that, but I don’t think it alleviates the issue of not being able to accurately predict my own day-to-day velocity.

Some thoughts on the back of a napkin, but it may be worth trying out the Tasks List function in Obsidian, or potentially another solution. Interface aside, i think one of the best task management softwares I’ve used is Pivotal. I specifically appreciated the ability to “batch” tasks by velocity, to try and get a reasonable calculation for what is possible in a given amount of time. I think that’s something I’d like to get back to at some point, researching more “personal life” versions of the same thing.

Anyway - likely signing off for the day. May the next day and the next be a better haul than today 🙏

ACTUALLY: one last final thought. I wonder if the Obsidian Git integration runs pre-commit hooks…?


  1. https://arc.net/l/quote/flmmvzxd - the fact that Discord webhooks can auto-create threads is super cool. If there’s a way I can do thread auto-tags with this… i’ll be a very happy lad.

  2. https://iwannabemewhenigrowup.medium.com/part-3-using-the-templater-community-plugin-to-automate-files-and-content-6f1f2f9227c3 - Guide used for intro to Obsidian Templater, used to create the automatic date entries and footnote counts on daily note template.