2024-03-12 | 2024-03-14

CAVEAT LECTOR: This is a daily note! Sometimes they’ll be structured, sometimes they won’t. These are more for the benefit of my near- and long-term future self, but I do tend to publish them in case they’re somehow helpful for other people.

Today’s Plan

Today’s plan is going to be some logging service implementations - in particular, styling out a C# singleton to extend Discord webhook behavior for super quick-and-easy monitoring. This’ll be nice because I’d like to learn more about logging mechanisms, since being able to stream data straight out of a stdout would be nice for some other data gathering projects I’d like to do down the road.


  • Look into C# standards and opinions around logging services - in particular, differentiating between a static Console-esque implementation of a logging service, versus an ASP.NET-flavored Singleton


  • project management notes meeting
  • At some point today, I need to finish the highlight note for The Shop.
  • I’d also like to start reading (and potentially reviewing) The Framework Field Guide, which was written in part (or entirely? i don’t actually know the authorship distribution of that, since Unicorn Utterances is like, a collective, i think?). I’m super excited to dig into it - from the other day, it’ll be nice to put my paranoia aside about learning facts from opinions and getting to learn a more framework-agnostic baseline knowledge of frontend development.


  • ~~Hmmmm… good question? As much as I’d like to take advantage of the game server setup being actually functional again, I really ought to stick around the office while my partner is climbing to hammer out CGC work.
  • ~~That said… ~~factorio.

Today’s Report

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It’s already super late, so I’m gonna make this quick:

  • I think friends have settled on a new Eco runthrough, which is very exciting!
  • In the meantime, spring cleaning on the steam deck - backed up /home, set up a Sunshine server for remote management from the laptop (QoL required)
  • Tried to go the Chrome Remote Desktop route by building it manually. I deeply regret this diversion, and would highly not recommend the attempt.