2024-03-06 | 2024-03-08

CAVEAT LECTOR: This is a daily note! Sometimes they’ll be structured, sometimes they won’t. These are more for the benefit of my near- and long-term future self, but I do tend to publish them in case they’re somehow helpful for other people.

Today’s Plan

Today’s plan is a bit more DevOps for work, and then some spring cleaning. Working on the new homelab server has, safe to say, unearthed a substantial amount of old hardware I had laying around in a box. If I don’t tidy up the living room, I may end up getting strangled in my sleep.

That said, the cat has fuckin’ loved the chaos. So many wires to attack - so little time between naps.


  • Categorizing internal services into the internal LB/DNS


  • Looking into GitHub Projects workflows through Actions. Yesterday was some messing about with actions/stale to manage some… pretty large batches of tickets at work. While this has seemed to do the trick so far, there was the realization that our current automation system would move all of the closed, stale tickets to our QA team.

    There is currently a rolling boulder of about ~250 tickets slowly rolling towards our QA team that will squish them in 14 days’ time. God save their souls.


  • Spring cleaning and playing around with the new dedicated GTX 1030 burner card in the homelab server

Today’s Report

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  • test!