2024-03-02 | 2024-03-04

CAVEAT LECTOR: This is a daily note! Sometimes they’ll be structured, sometimes they won’t. These are more for the benefit of my near- and long-term future self, but I do tend to publish them in case they’re somehow helpful for other people.

Today’s Plan

Today is a bit strange - I’m currently on a kick of only gaming with friends (gaming solo, for whatever reason, has started to feel like “wasting time” (which is totally not a statement on the virtue of solo gaming, this is just how I feel about it at the moment)). After a bit of a misadventure trying to turn an old laptop into a well-ventilated server, a friend’s brother very graciously offered me some spare PC parts he had lying around so I could (properly, this time) start a home lab for running miscellaneous things, such as dedicated multiplayer servers at my home.

I highly doubt any CGC work will get done today - I’d vastly prefer setting up the server and playing around with some homelab setup experimentation.


  • Pick up desktop case & parts
  • Clean out, assemble desktop case & parts


  • Pick up a new bed frame for a new mattress arriving later this week


  • Assemble bed frame
  • Work on desktop server

Today’s Report

Very minor EOD report - was able to get a Windows Proxmox setup with GPU passthrough and VirtIO set up today. With the addition of Moonlight & Sunshine, game streaming is now possible! I cannot wait to use this to bully invite my partner to join in game nights with us, now that we have a dedicated(ish) Windows machine for her to use.

By no means is running Lethal Company at a consistent HDx60fps a technological marvel, but I am very satisfied with the work tonight. While my Steam Deck is probably going to still be my go-to because I hate myself and love debugging, this was a fun little tangent.

As an aside - a lot of that setup was cobbling together random support forum posts and other weird shit - at one point I spuriously bought a pack of headless HDMI dummies from Amazon thinking I’d need them. I’d like to toss a quick note here at some point this week to elaborate on some of the missing steps between major guides.

Future work on the server (beyond just hosting multiplayer servers) will likely be looking at some actual capital-H-capital-L HomeLab stuff like HomeAssistant to bridge some of our disparate smart home devices into HomeKit so I can control them from my phone and computer a bit easier, but that’s for another night.