2024-03-01 | 2024-03-03

CAVEAT LECTOR: This is a daily note! Sometimes they’ll be structured, sometimes they won’t. These are more for the benefit of my near- and long-term future self, but I do tend to publish them in case they’re somehow helpful for other people.

Today’s Plan

Today wasn’t actually a CGC day, but I’m finding myself with some time at the tail end of the day after some sudden super-fun springtime winter storms have floated across Salt Lake City and tanked my plans to get tastefully wine blasted tonight.


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Today’s Report

Today was my partner’s first swim meet since she did triathlons in college! she did incredibly well - I wish that I knew more about photography so I could take cooler pictures of her when she’s swimming that we can send to our families. Maybe, someday, I’ll be a Photography Guy™.

I ended up sitting next to a very nice group of kids. I had brought Kenneth Arrow’s The Limits of Organization - with no irony in the slightest, I put it away after seeing that the two kids next to me were reading objectively cooler books. They were very nice - we talked about video games and programming and played Exploding Kittens between meet heats. I cracked open my laptop and they showed me a few programs they’d made in Scratch, which brought back some memories of working with 4th-6th great students at Dr. David Johnson’s GREAT Camp back when I was a sophomore in college.

Since teaching both that camp and working as a center director at a local Mathnasium for about a year around the same time, it’s been awhile since interacting with Modern Youths™, save for a few niche Roblox communities I lurk in for CGC-tangential projects. It is very cool to see how this generation (gen Alpha? i haven’t kept up much with the newfangled terminology around this generation) has a more… native? approach to technology. It makes sense, considering there will probably (hopefully) never be a moment they go without it.

They brought up roblox and I mentioned I’d played when I was their age - the oldest asked a few questions about moving from the block-based coding on Scratch to text-based coding. I feel it is a more interesting question than I was willing to inundate him with (i said “not really!” and capped it off at that.) - in hindsight, it was a pretty big transition for me. That said, I wonder if there exists a future where block-based coding comes back in a way, made possible by stronger generative code solutions to handle minute details within blocks.

Unironically, I do think I would appreciate a graphical, scratch-like interface for cloud environments. That would be a pretty kickass Terraform frontend.

As a slight update on yesterday’s post about binglish - I did post it in a few places (and it didn’t even go viral??? shocked, offended, confused). I think the only piece of text feedback I got was in the Quartz discord, where somebody mentioned that albeit funny the term was one they were familiar with as a colonist term for British-Indian-English.

I’m torn - by no means is this a Big Thing i’m doing with this blog, nor do I think it ever will be. Certainly not to the extent that the Venn diagrams of people who would read my notes and who would recognize “binglish” in that context would overlap. I also don’t know how I would go about checking - it is interesting that geography is a somewhat soft lock on that kind of cultural knowledge. Even from setting my VPN to Delhi, popping my browser into incognito and doing a (translated, obviously) search, I still get a “urban dictionary,” “stop trying to make fetch happen” vibe from the term. I’ll keep the post up purely because i like it (everybody, appreciate me!), but if that ever does become An Issue™ i will absolutely reconsider that decision.