2024-02-29 | 2024-03-02

CAVEAT LECTOR: This is a daily note! Sometimes they’ll be structured, sometimes they won’t. These are more for the benefit of my near- and long-term future self, but I do tend to publish them in case they’re somehow helpful for other people.

Today’s Plan

I think today is likely going to be lighter day, likely finishing up assigned work during the B-block - I have a couple last-minute touches to an internal MVP, but not sure to what extent my time is booked up for the rest of the day. May take M-block to do a bit of light research on Backstage plugins.


  • Quick horticulture on (free) C# code coverage libraries


  • Backstage horticulturie


  • Resume review - for real, this time!!
  • Actions/Quartz deployment

Today’s Report

  • UPDATE 3:00PM: Ended up writing an article about binglish, which is absolutely not what i had planned for the afternoon but i’m certainly not mad about it. from a quick cursory online search… i don’t think anybody else has coined this term yet?? At least not for the same concept - i was only able to find references to one chrome extension (ironic) and a somewhat(?) used term for british-indian-english (which, idk, maybe it’s far larger a term but not one that culturally/algorithmically would be at the tippity-top of my SLC-based search results, even on incognito)
  • UPDATE 6:00PM: i was excited enough about that post to actually publish my blog. I was about to excitedly hyperlink to it, but… I suppose this will actually be on there now. There is something about seeing what i’ve been putting into a dusty refactor/ branch on GitHub actually be on The Internet™ that… I’m frankly not certain how to feel about.
  • There is something burning in me to really quickly learn everything more i need to know about TypeScript frontend development and finish the blog formatting posthaste, but I think that will need to wait for another time. I am hungry, and must depart.

See above - stopping CGC work and closing my laptop for the day. Perhaps I will play… Factorio???