2024-02-26 | 2024-02-28

CAVEAT LECTOR: This is a daily note! Sometimes they’ll be structured, sometimes they won’t. These are more for the benefit of my near- and long-term future self, but I do tend to publish them in case they’re somehow helpful for other people.

Today’s Plan

I didn’t get nearly as much C# done as I’d wanted to yesterday - while I’m a bit hesitant to say that “today is going to be a 100% effort day!”, considering how yesterday ended I’ve kept C# goals to a breezy middle-of-the-road, since I’d rather under- than over-set expectations.


  • More ChainSharp step testing.
    • As an aside, I think I’ve been dramatically over-complicating how I create separable PRs. This is one of my “Fuck, Theaux was right” moments that I increasingly have as I learn more C#. At some point, I’d like to do some gardening on philosophies for separable pull requests and commits.


  • Checking on our internal project status - there’s likely tasks I can pick up, but my current work is the only very-large-web I have left to untangle (unless I’m forgetting something, which is likely.)


  • Today’s E-block is a CGC day, so (sleep status pending) I’d like to work on actually taking what I have and uploading it to GitHub. This’ll mean taking a look at the Quartz build process.
    • Another aside - while I appreciate how much the developers of Quartz has made it user-friendly with a custom CLI, it abstracts away some of the usual development workflow and means I have to learn (and consequently fumble around with) a new thing. That said, I also don’t know jack shit about frontend development and there’s probably a good reason for that.
  • Oh, what’s this?? A friend of mine asked me to take a look over his resume. He’s still using the old LaTeX version of my resume template, so I’m real excited to get him moved over to the new Typst version (post pending). CGC blog stuff may get pushed back accordingly - not sure how high-capacity I’m feeling now at 5pm

Today’s Report