2024-02-25 | 2024-02-27

CAVEAT LECTOR: This is a daily note! Sometimes they’ll be structured, sometimes they won’t. These are more for the benefit of my near- and long-term future self, but I do tend to publish them in case they’re somehow helpful for other people.

Today’s Plan

Most of today’s plan is going to be getting an internal NWYC project up-and-running with an MVP before we transition to some compliance updates to infrastructure. Follow-up on CGC will be taking inventory of the writing I did yesterday, and (once again) debating whether or not to get the formatting of the blog just right before I publish.


  • Completing C# wrappers for Geocoding services
  • Working on next ChainSharp steps for congressional data lookups


  • Likely a continuation of B-block work


  • CGC; in particular, either
    • Continuing content writing, potentially starting the new posts for 1099 contractor writing; OR
    • Setting up an environment & workflow for creating swings with CodeSwings
  • Stretch goal is contemplating whether or not MDX compatibility for Obsidian and Quartz will come now or later. I think Remark has the ability to do MDX files but I’ll need to spike that a bit more closely.

Today’s Report

  • Noon progress update: Got distracted at the possibilities of AWS CloudWatch Dashboards. Morning block is a bit behind, but getting back to it.

  • Afternoon progress update: as a general rule, try to never fuck up the same way twice. that’s a good motivation for writing down as much as possible outside of code, so that the body of DX-related issues with undocumented fixes is always shrinking.

    🎵 come with me 🎵 // 🎵 and you’ll see 🎵 // 🎵 a world in which no developer fucks up the same way twice, and rather fucks up in new and creative ways each time 🌈 🎵

In sum total, today was… okay? ish? in terms of progress. Didn’t quite get as far as I’d hoped on C#, but some other (equally important) stuff came up and that seems okay. E-block certainly didn’t go as far as I’d hoped (read: it did not happen) but at least CGC stuff is at my own pace.

Admittedly, a minor distraction did pull away more of my attention than I ought to’ve allowed.

As a bit of a buzzer-beater against my self-imposed daily deadline of 12:00pm MT, I’ve decided to just publish this new blog format as-is. It doesn’t quite have the same style and zest as the original, but I’d rather put this out to encourage myself to improve it rather than let it languish in a “refactor” branch on GitHub.

UPDATE: I did not beat the buzzer. It is currently 4:00AM the next day, and I am definitely not going to be deploying anything. Ironically, during this time I wrote the first posts about slaying The Goblin and my Year of Rhythm, which is ironic considering The Goblin certainly won tonight.