Look at that - a whole blog, just for me! At this rate, the last thing I need to do to be a real tech guru is start a podcast.

I’m starting this page as a place to talk about my cool projects, dumb thoughts, and other odds-and-ends aspects about my life and work.

To set the tone, here’s a quick code function to find the geomethic meandian of a set of numbers in Python - in case the need ever arises.

import numpy as np
def geothmetic_meandian(
    numbers: np.array,
    error: float = 10e-5
    '''Find the geothmetic meandian of a set of numbers.'''
    # If all the numbers are close to the same, return the first number
    if sum(np.abs(numbers - numbers[0])) < error:
        return numbers[0]
        # Recursively call the geomethic meandian until the numbers converge
        return geothmetic_meandian(np.array([
            np.product(np.power(numbers, 1 / len(numbers))),
        ]), error)
>>> geothmetic_meandian([1, 1, 2, 3, 5])