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Here, you’ll find some actual, bona-fide Articles™. You can expect a higher degree of cohesion, revision, and quality than you may find in, say, notes.








Goblin slaying is a somewhat underhanded term for productivity habits and tools.


As a logical consequence of taking a digital gardening approach to writing, the horticulture tag will be used to catalog thoughts related to digital gardening and general research.



These are daily notes, where I log and track progress on ongoing projects and make notes for myself later. These are largely for my own benefit, and are here in case they’re helpful to myself (or, somehow, others) in the future.


For all intents and purposes, these are the digital gardening equivalent of shitposts and shower thoughts.




Overview In a bit of an overlap of dayjob and CGC work, I’m working on spinning up a CGC instance of Backstage for business management. This has a benefit for both myself and others that work on CGC-flavor projects with me.


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Overview A few months ago, I played around with setting up a Backstage environment for both work and CGC. It got backburner’d for a bit in favor of other projects, but with some upcoming free time, I’d like to get it started again Deliverables Backstage environment documented, auth’d, and hooked to relevant GitHub repos One scaffold for a custom plugin Tasks Upfront #task#projects/dayjob/backstage-restarter Draft initial project reqs [completion:: 2024-04-14] #task#projects/dayjob/backstage-restarter Hindsight write-up Other TASK WHERE contains(tags, "#projects/dayjob/backstage-restarter") AND file.


Overview I’ve already started this, but am putting it half-retroactively into the new task system. Deliverables Full Actions system for cross-store deployments of React Native apps Tasks Upfront #task#projects/dayjob/fastlane-demo Draft initial project reqs [completion:: 2024-04-14] #task#projects/dayjob/fastlane-demo Hindsight write-up Other TASK WHERE contains(tags, "#projects/dayjob/fastlane-demo") AND file.


Overview Soft plan docs for using Terraform LocalStack for local testing of infrastructure-as-code. [i] The goal here is to minimize the time on feedback loop for particularly hard-to-test, yet critical pieces of cloud infrastructure.


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Overview I’ve been on a rampage trying to eliminate the need to use the mouse (oh, to become a true never-mouse-er). Because MacOS spaces are… less than stellar to that end, I’m working on setting up Aerospace for this.



Overview The#annotations ongoing project has become pretty unmanageable pretty quickly - I have a bunch of scattered PDFs around. For legal reasons, I don’t particularly want to add documents to this repository, so I’d like to instead store (authorized) copies of papers on my homelab server.


Overview To keep better track of my weeks and give a bit more of a constant trajectory, I’m setting up the Obsidian Periodic Notes. This’ll mean adding weekly (and quarterly) templates that I’ll be doing in tandem with the daily notes.


Overview As an ongoing need to set up a better personal task system, I’d like to better leverage the Obsidian Tasks plugin. Part of this is integrating a better system for keeping track of projects progress, and being able to effectively link it to the daily notes (along with weekly/quarterly, as those start to… actually happen) My understanding is that the mechanism can work like this: Projects can be defined under the#projects tag (and subtags) Tasks can be created by creating a checkbox item starting with#task, with an attached association to the appropriate#projects.


Overview As part of my partner’s research, she’ll be attending a biomedical conference in Sweden later this year… and guess who’s hitching a ride?! Thanks to a lack of recent travel and buildup of credit card miles, this should be a pretty cheap, straightforward trip.



In the spirit of setting themes instead of resolutions, I’ve adopted a seasonal (or perhaps year-long - who knows?) theme for my own life: The Season of 🎵 Rhythm! ✨ During my Season of 🎵 Rhythm! ✨, I want to establish healthier cadences to how I spend my time day-to-day, and to be far more intentional with how I spend my time.